ENNIE and Indie Groundbreakers 2022

Nominees and Winners from the 2022 ENNIES and Indie Groundbreakers Awards (These are just the titles we have in the Club, many more were nominated and won)

ENNIES: Judges' Spotlight Winner - Wickedness \ Best Art, Cover nominee, Best Art, Interior nominee, Best Family Game nominee - Wanderhome \ Best Family Game nominee - Babes in the Wood \ Best Layout and Design nominee, Best Rules nominee - NOVA 

Indie Groundbreakers: Most Innovative nominee and Game of the Year nominee - Last Sentinels \ Most Innovative nominee, Best Art nominee - My Body is a Cage (we have the early first edition not the latest) \ Best Rules nominee and Game of the Year nominee - GUN&SLINGER \ Best Rules nominee - Savage Sisters \ Best Rules nominee - Thursday \ Best Setting nominee - Stealing the Throne