All We Love We Leave Behind

All We Love We Leave Behind

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"All We Love We Leave Behind (AWLWLB) is a single-player RPG of letter writing focusing on abandonment, isolation, and the passing of time. 

Players play the part of a person left behind by someone with a supposed greater purpose (an adventurer in a fantasy realm, a detective left for an important case in the big city, an exploratory space vessel). You will write a series of letters to the loved one who has left you, using a standard deck of playing cards to randomize events in your life and the emotional content of your writings. 

Includes everything for a single player, a 2 player gamemaster variant, 4 setting hacks, and over 20 pages of sample letters & prose by guest authors exploring concepts proposed by the game. 

Title and thematic inspiration by Converge “All We Love We Leave Behind” album. Used with permission.
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1 player. " - from World Champ Game Co