Barnacle Caked My Beloved Wrote
Barnacle Caked My Beloved Wrote

Barnacle Caked My Beloved Wrote

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Lost for years to the waves, this bottle carried its message to your feet. The salt caked cap sealing love within, and the barnacles holding fast to glass live oblivious to the melodrama and history of the relationship detailed on soft parchment. A love letter lost at sea to return through magic.

Your town overlooks a turgid bay, with flotsam of lovers tossed as rituals crash but do not break. You collectively throw your heart to the waves and somehow these missives find their target, but the journey that carries them is as ineffable and wild as the bay itself. 
You find yourself gathered today at the isthmus of two thick forests, where the land dips and water surrounds the trail of love. You come to grab your mail, and will meet for dinner later, a masquerade feast of hidden identity to celebrate this ceremony and protect the identities of those message recipients. For it is not often one is graced with the opportunity to send and be sent the messages of the deep wet heart.

This is a game of love letters lost at sea. The game is simple. Spin the bottle. Then eat, and discover your paramour and the events that inspired your affection.

This game plays best with 4-6 players.