In the Light of a Faded World
In the Light of a Faded World

In the Light of a Faded World

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In the Light of a Faded World is a game about exploring the unknown. You play as the small creatures venturing into the spaces presently extinct humanity once occupied. Secure your burrows and nests by recovering ancient artifacts, reclaim and discover the spaces once occupied by gonefolk, forage for new food sources. But, travel carefully little ones, the gonefolks' spirits remain trapped in their massive, tiled stone dens.

As do the roving gangs of cats.

About the Game:

An exploration-based RPG for 2+ people (with notes for solo gm-less play) that supports one shot play, and multisession campaign play. It is a lightweight system based on Nate Treme's In the Light of a Ghost Star with a dash of Tunnel Goons.

Created by Derek Kinsman. Fully illustrated by Amanda Lee Franck, with prose by Zedeck Siew.