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LIMINAL_ (Liminal Space) is a map-making and exploration TTRPG for three or more players, about Liminal Spaces and strange places.

A stand-alone combat-free RPG mapping game about surviving and potentially escaping an ever-expanding series of Liminal Spaces and their terrifying Entities.

The LIMINAL_ SURVIVAL GUIDE is a self-contained tool for any Architect of the Liminal Space to guide their players through an ever-changing, constantly unique nightmare.

In LIMINAL_, several players have found themselves trapped in a twisting maze beyond the fringes of reality, consisting of elegiac auras, long winding corridors, strange unused rooms, and in-between spaces; they are vignettes of horror, absurdity and the surreal.

The players must map out their journey onto a large piece of graph paper and attempt to find an escape or succumb to Fatigue as Entities of the Liminal Space pursue them.

Inhabiting the Liminal Space are the Entities, beings designed to keep the DISORIENTATED/DISORIENTED players from ever finding an exit as they slink and stalk the rooms between places.

It doesn’t matter how they got there; all that matters is that they find a way to escape.