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In the psychedelic shared hallucination of cyberspace—Mainframe—AI programs roam freely. Self-replicating and self-editing, they've turned our shared online consciousness into a deep dream, observing us to simulate anything we might want to do in the digital playground we now inhabit.

Mainframe is a cyberpunk hack of Tunnel Goons in which you play as mercenaries who specialize in hunting down and capturing or deleting corporate AI programs. You have no body, your consciousness permanently wired into Mainframe. Each session is a mission to find and deal with one of these programs.

Explore the never-ending surreal servers of Mainframe as you fight to stop megacorporations from taking control of cyberspace entirely.

Inspired by the Witcher, Neuromancer, Counter/Weight by Friends at the Table, and Yokai Hunter's Society, this game is about exploring a strange version of cyberspace, digging into Megacorps' dirt, and scrounging for work in gritty neon world. 

You'll need a few six-sided dice, a GM, 2-4 players, and 2-3 hours to play.


  • 15+ pieces of full-color, AI-enhanced art
  • A game based on Nate Treme's award-winning Tunnel Goons
  • Rules-light play
  • A table of mission ideas for little to no prep GMing
Perfectbound, 60 pages, full color.