Shadow of Mogg

Shadow of Mogg

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"Shadow of Mogg is a post-apocalyptic roleplaying game set in the London underground following a catastrophic occurrence known only as 'the event'. It uses a simple d6 system combined with group and voting resolution mechanics with a focus on survical, OSR style tunnelcrawling and resource management.

Players take the role of mostly ordinary members of the British public, whether the oppressed proletariat, a humble baker, a nurse, a firefighter, a time traveller or the Chief Executive of RBS as they eke out survival in an underground society turned inward against itself.

The game explores the ramifications of mob rule democracy, the frailty of hope and the banality of evil, also you can play as Candle Stick Maker!

Shadow of Mogg Contains...

A full RPG ruleset for running collaborative games within the London Underground world of Shadow of Mogg, presented in an A5 zine booklet.
37 unique classes conveying the breadth of depths of contemporary British society.
Traditional tunnel crawling procedure for exploring the London Underground.
Game map of the underground following 'The Event'
Tools to generate events, npcs, underground station locations and encounters.
Unique voting and group resolution mechanics testing the limits of democracy.
Rules for managing group resources as well as group anxiety." - from the Kickstarter page