Yokai Hunters Society, a rules-light pen & paper RPG in zine format about Monster Hunting in Meiji Japan. Based on Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme

Yokai Hunters Society

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"Yokai Hunters Society is a rules-light, pen & paper role-playing game about monster hunters in Meiji Japan.

The adventures you can play range from facing the monster of the week to complex investigations or political plots, to routine cleansing jobs. A horror-genre approach to the game’s stories is recommended, with bonus points if it gestures towards the psychological horror characteristics of many Japanese films and comics.

It's based on Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme. In its original pamphlet version, it was created as an entry for the Goon Jam, and reached 4th place out of 69 amazing entries. This zine is an expanded, edited and illustrated version of that original idea.

A5, 36 pages, stapled zine.
120gsm silk uncoated paper.
300gsm matt laminated silk cover.
Black & white printing.

Includes a digital copy of the zine in PDF format."

- description and picture from Punkpadour