d36: Issue 1

d36: Issue 1

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d36 is a zine of strange RPG content that doesn't comfortably fit anywhere else. Random tables. Micro-systems. New games. Spells for your OSR dragon game of choice. The content inside d36 is as varied and eclectic as the creators designing it.

The first issue is visceralbloody, and violent. It is also fully optimised for screenreaders.

Content Warning: body horror, decapitation, violent revolution, and referenced self-harm. 

Issue 1 Contains:

  • Strange Things Come From The Forest of Trees That Bleed, adventure prompts by Sinta Posadas.
  • Things The Meat Says, prophecies for the discerning haruspex by Cat Evans.
  • The Meatbox, a weird ultraviolent magic item and set of new spells of gross body horror for OSR games by Samuel Mui Shen Ern.
  • Soil The Colour of Blood, worldbuilding through dead bodies by Matt Sanders.
  • His Worship Who Sings In Vermillion Cloisters, a tour of the Incarnadine Abbey and the people you meet there by Oliver Darkshire.
  • Bonespurt, monsters of uncontrolled growth by Alex Clippinger.
  • The Haematurge, a blood magic playbook for a game that doesn't exist by Chris Bissette.
  • The Streets Will Run Red, a storytelling game of revolution and decapitation by Lore Evans.
  • Just Gals Being Comrades, a GMless game about romance and violent uprisings by Jessica Marcrum.
  • Behold Affliction, folk horror short fiction by Alex Caton.