Last Sentinels
Last Sentinels
Last Sentinels
Last Sentinels
Last Sentinels
Last Sentinels
Last Sentinels

Last Sentinels

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The people of AUGUR-V had been cast into the stars,
pursued by the vengeful forces of the New Alliance.
But one Sentinel pilot still offered them hope.
This is their story.

LAST SENTINELS is a GM-less storytelling tabletop roleplaying game for 3 or 4 players.

 It focuses on one main protagonist, a gifted young civilian who escapes the besieged planet of AUGUR-V on a titanic starship with their remaining people. 

They must defend these survivors against overwhelming odds as a vast fleet pursues the ship through their former empire. 

  But your protagonist is doomed

 Their story will end in death or betrayal when they succumb to the intense pressures of hope, despair, scheming foes and high-stakes mech combat.


  • a unique system of spoken key phrases, story negotiation and tragic downfall, inspired by Polaris: Chivalric Tragedy at Utmost North
  • a shared player sheet to track an evolving cast of characters and resources
  • roles and responsibilities based on where players sit around the table, rather than a traditional GM
  • ‘narrative-duelling’ over the fate of your characters using wit, creativity and a chart of powerful key phrases to interrupt each other's scenes and introduce offers that require tough decisions
  • a game ‘timer’ that introduces a key enemy and raises the stakes, ensuring that death or betrayal are inevitable
  • one-shot rules for shorter games or to help introduce new players
  • alternative campaign rules, where each player takes control of their own Sentinel pilot, with roles rotating around the table

LAST SENTINELS also features mecha-themed graphic design and artwork, a narrative prologue, safety tools, examples of play and resources to help generate and create your story and characters.

Jason Price - (A Complicated Profession)

 Lone Archivist  - (Primeval, What We Give To Alien Gods, Orbital Blues, Hull Breach)

Torben Bökemeyer - (Bucket of Bolts, ORBITAL)

Will Jobst 


includes digital files