Astral Brews

Astral Brews

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A Mothership 1E brochure adventure in a space coffee stand.

Treasured associates,

Thank you for joining the AstralBrews family! You may be experiencing discomfort as a result of the onboarding process, but please understand that nausea, sweating, and retrograde amnesia are all natural and temporary side effects of your new AstralBrews Cerebral Recipe Chip. Please know that:
1. All of AstralBrews' Stellar Recipes are already stored as implicit memories in your basal ganglia. No conscious thought is required; just let your hands do the work!
2. Ingredients are automatically fed to your BrewFlux 90,000 from the Supply Room. If there is a supply machine error, please repair the corresponding machinery.
3. There is no other reason to access other rooms of your Astral Brews location.
4. If someone orders THE SPECIAL, just let our serving booth's automated systems do the work!
5. Remember, our most valuable resource is you!
Thank you for your contributions to making AstralBrews the finest takeaway beverage service in Zone 45H2D

Writing: Chris Meabe
Editing: Christian Sorell
Layout: Jean Verne
Production and Development: Joel Hines