Chunky Cheese's Eateria

Chunky Cheese's Eateria

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Say, spacers! Looking for a family-friendly dining experience?

Everyone knows it's Chunky Cheese's Eateria!

Now in more than 45 locations across the galaxy, Chunky Cheese's has been the galaxy's Number #1 place for fun for kids of all ages and their families!

Don't miss out on the best pizza and games out there!

How about listening to the Magnificent Chunky Animal Band while they play all your favorite hits all night long!

Enjoy the best arcade games and the best food the galaxy has to offer!

Lazer-Tag? We got it! Skee-Ball! You bet! And of course...



Chunky Cheese's Eateria is a single page (front and back) tri-fold pamphlet for the Mothership sci-fi horror RPG. Unwind with your crew by playing hit games like Thwack-a-Marmot and Lazer-Tag. Win cool prizes, eat delicious food (they even have fresh water on tap and REAL* meat!), drink beer, celebrate a crewmate's birthday, and get out alive.

*REAL meat is a registered trademark of Chunky Inc.


Includes a PDF copy