Pyre of Kaylon Moss

Pyre of Kaylon Moss

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An OSE adventure ideal for character levels 3-5. 

Sailors report strange sights in the long dark watches over the waves. Under Captain Kaylon Moss, The Jeremiad whaleship was lost to a spilled lamp and explosion in the midst of a torrential storm the obsessed captain drove them into in pursuit of his blubbery quarry. Such was the rage of Captain Moss at the terminal denial of his reward that the specter of the obsessed man still roams the seas, the shades of his damned crew also unable to pass on. On nights with a full moon The Jeremiad surfaces from the briny depths to ride the waves once more.

Soon the entire ship burns in green flame and sinks to the bottom again as its whale oil stores explode from the repeating accident, only to rise once more on the next full moon, its crew and quarry trapped forever in the echo of their grisly tasks. Great treasures in the hold can be claimed at great risk to life and the very soul of those who would dare what the old sea dogs call the Pyre of Kaylon Moss

Writing by Joel Hines
Editing by Christian Sorrell
Graphic Design by Meredith Silver