Pregame Lobby Issue 1

Pregame Lobby Issue 1

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It's Launch Day here at .dungeon HQ, and that means we have a launch event. The move from alpha to beta was huge and the influx of players was massive. But moving from beta to full-on-release is even bigger. This zine has everything you need to hop into the game Day 1 and catch up with those already in the game.

In the zine you'll find:

  • Your friend's list
  • A hex crawl
  • A fleshed-out town with NPCs
  • A launch event quest!
  • Some sick art from @camadjodha, @_lizardtongue, @NateTreme, @sinereous, @cysketch, and @EvlynMoreau.

This zine is 26 pages, softcover, full color, staple bound.