Pregame Lobby Issue 3

Pregame Lobby Issue 3

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We're revisiting the Beta Region of the game with this update. Travel into the valley and uncover its secrets with the help of the Three Orbs. The region was left after launch and has changed of its own accord. Can you unlock the first dungeon created for the game and find the Chrono Chross inside? The epic item is the only one capable of bringing back a character after they drop below zero connection. One use. Still unclaimed since the early days of the beta. It's yours for the taking.

In this zine you'll find:

  • A point crawl with art by @musetheart
  • Two Player Characters with their own hopes for the Chrono Chross
  • Additional art by @maguaxRPG
  • And a dungeon, the first one created for the game, left to grow on its own

 26 pages, softcover, full color, staple bound.