This is a Game About Fishing
This is a Game About Fishing

This is a Game About Fishing

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"In the Near Future, following ecological collapse, gangs of gregarious youths scale skyscrapers, commune with ghosts, and dodge
mech police to engage in the high tech, high octane world of fish crime.
In this Belonging Outside Belonging game, you play as queer fisherfolk trying to make a life in a world where a dozen billionaires
have killed the earth.This Is A Game About Fishing. You’re going to play some queer fisherfolk in a world that has faced ecological apocalypse. The world in which you live is doing… alright, I guess. People get by, although some people have it much better than others. Much, much better. The folks in charge of destroying the world have names and addresses, and this game encourages you to take back a little bit of the environment from them.

This is also a game about shitposting, about stretching the limits of credulity, and about how the absurd can offer shelter to those in need. When your world is inches from collapse it can be difficult to keep your head above water. The power of absurd humor is that it highlights how absurd the “serious” is. This game is not a pipe, but you should wield it like one to fight depression away. Be silly, be weird, be gay, do crime." - from Riverhouse Games