Hot Stuff on Shore Leave
Hot Stuff on Shore Leave

Hot Stuff on Shore Leave

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An amber hue washes over the beach.  A sun blazes victoriously through the industrial factory smog. Light catches hot sauce fumes on the top of clouds. Underneath, warm bodies swim, read, cuddle, consume, and kiss.

Hot Stuff on Shore Leave is a relaxed vacation journaling game for the Mothership Sci-fi Horror RPG for one player. 

The setting of Hot Stuff on Shore Leave is Port Taxico. Part island resort destination, part hot sauce manufacturing plant, the island has some of the most renowned sunsets due to its spicy industrial smog. Each year, millions take time away from their oppressive jobs to enjoy warmer days in the sun and hotter nights on the strip.

Each session of Hot Stuff on Shore Leave can be played in 15 minutes. The zine has enough prompts [over 70 ] to ensure you have a new experience each time. Activities include dancing, sightseeing, dating, hooking up, eating, crying, and more.

Each shore leave (the rest period between corporate off-world jobs) you will participate in one daytime and one nighttime activity. These activities will generate writing prompts to help you further explore the deep, dark, and beautiful parts of your Mothership character. Optional Mothership compatible rules will reduce stress, heal wounds, treat trauma and allow you to train or moonlight on other jobs.



There is something special about solo games. Tabletop roleplaying games are often crowded collaborative experiences (like I imagine the confines of a space freighter). Themes of sexuality, isolation, and trauma can be explored in different ways when alone.  

Hot Stuff on Shore Leave is also fully playable as a stand-alone experience.