Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

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In fair Verona, nevermind the dark. Fear the light in your eyes. It is the year 1757 and in Murano, a lone mirror maker has opened a terrible portal in pursuit of her life's work. Such dreams are easily shattered when met with reality, and now the mirror maker Lady Sofia is trapped in a world beyond our own. The Doge of Venice seeks to bring her back or to silence the spread of her secret techniques, fearful of what may emerge should they be known across all Europe.

Mirror, Mirror is a low-level Rococco adventure in 18th century Italy and into a world beyond.

A Collaboration by SoulMuppet Publishing and Roll4Tarrasque.

Written by Giuliono Roverato and Brian Richmond. Art by Michelle Smallwood. Layout by Thais Menezes and Zachary Cox. Editing by Gustavo Nassar and Zachary Cox.

Product contains a PDF and 24 page A5 Softcover.