Secrets Under Stone: Deep Under Stone Vol. 1

Secrets Under Stone: Deep Under Stone Vol. 1

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Secrets Under Stone is a Gothic Fantasy role-playing game drawing the venerable British tradition. The system is designed for a mixture of investigation and adventure in a world saturated by hidden knowledge, where wise travellers go both well-armed and well-informed. This is not a game of heroes or plunderers, but scrappy dilettantes with idiosyncratically mixed capabilities, who frequently bite off more than they can chew.

Imagine a village made insignificant by the landscape that surrounds it, its air thick with secrets. There have been disappearances, perhaps, or murders – gruesome ones, loaded with occult significance. Shadowy cabals concoct plots by candlelight, pursued by interlopers with demons of their own. The stash of books in the church’s broom cupboard locates a hidden temple in the woods, and gives advice on traversing the labyrinth beneath. Dying gods are glimpsed in the abandoned tin mines by practitioners of forbidden sacraments – and as the darkest stars align, the cult’s agenda ticks like a bomb.

Future issues of Deep Under Stone will adapt the system within for a wide range of settings and modes of play.

Product contains a PDF and 64 page A5 Softcover.