Not a Place of Honor

Not a Place of Honor

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Not A Place Of Honor is a system agnostic TTRPG zine about the containment of powerful magical artifacts, inspired heavily by the SCP Foundation. It is an RPG supplement as well as an "in universe" document created by B.A.N.E. the Bureau for Arcane Neutralization of Esoterics.

Imagine you had a powerful magical artifact, one so breathtaking in potential and so vast in risk that it could not be entrusted to anyone, it's very presence is toxic and destructive. Ideally you would destroy it, but what if there is no convenient Mount Doom to throw it into? Perhaps bury it, put it out of reach. But how long would it remain forgotten? How long until some unknowing person digs it up? You could put up warning signs, but how long will they last? How long will people even be able to read them?

NAPOH follows in the footsteps of real life researchers who tackled this same problem, but for nuclear waste. In Expert Judgment on Markers to Deter Inadvertent Human Intrusion into the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant researchers worked out exacting details on how to design a location that shouts, "Keep out!" in any language and to any culture.  

Not A Place Of Honor is part travelogue, part scrap book, and part "found footage". A collection of documents assembled by archivists following the path of The Researcher as they visited six sites that store impossibly dangerous artifacts. It's existence as an "in universe" object is inspired by A Field Guide to Hot Springs Island by Swordfish Islands. It is a TTRPG supplement that can be shared with your players, rather than kept behind the GM screen. Included are six magical artifacts each illustrated by Emanoel Melo. The Items are described with four tiered levels of information ranging from simple diagrams warning of the danger to complex descriptions of their mechanisms and effects. 

This includes the most important information: the measures taken to contain the artifacts. Taking a cue from the SCP Foundation, remarkable threats require remarkable measures to ensure safety. Each of the six potential arcane catastrophes are kept secure by complex safeguards.

Containment measures are intended to keep the artifacts in. To keep people out, the threatening landscapes and architectures created by researchers in Expert Judgementare presented to let you construct your own warning markers. Put their methods to the test and see if those warnings will be heeded by adventuring heroes.