3 Day Weekend
3 Day Weekend

3 Day Weekend

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No Bullies. No Grown Ups. No Game Master.

3 Day Weekend (3DW) is a tabletop roleplaying game where you play as kids in a clubhouse over a long weekend. You hang out, tell jokes and stories, trade cards, go on fetch quests, and eventually face off against your rivals in your chosen game. It is rules-lite and gm-less: everyone works together to have the best time and best the bullies. 3DW is designed & illustrated by Adam Vass and published by World Champ Game Co.

This game emulates a lot of Nickelodeon shows from the 90's like Hey Arnold! and Rocket Power and movies like The Mighty Ducks, Little Rascals, Peanuts, Brink, and Space Jam.


The game requires just the rules, a standard deck of playing cards, and some note cards for your characters. 3DW uses different mechanical systems for each of the three days:

  • Friday is for Hanging Out using a collection of mini-games with varied player counts similar to RPGs like Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands from Lumpley games. Your kids will do what we did when we were 10: ride bikes, tell secrets, eat snacks, and daydream, each using various systems that allow you to explore your characters relationships and gain cards you'll use the rest of the weekend. At some point Friday, you'll come face to face with your Rivals (bullies, rich kids, etc.) and challenge them to a showdown on Sunday in the sport or game of your choice!

  • Saturday is for Making Plans. Kids can go it alone or form small teams with each other to gain intel, find tools, and otherwise try to gain advantages for the coming face-off with your Rivals. You'll do this using the cards you acquired Friday to play the kid's classic: Go Fish! Players portray their character kid when going on their own quest and describe setting or offer challenges during other kid's quests, responsibilities left to a game master in more traditional games but shared by all players here.

  • Sunday is for The Showdown, the confrontation between your group of friends and your rivals. You'll use the cards you acquired on other days to collaboratively tell the story, using sets of matching cards to make big impact on the outcome. Your group's ability to work cleverly together on the third day will determine whether you come out victorious or if you'll have to mend your wounds at the clubhouse in defeat.


The print edition of 3 Day Weekend is a single-color risograph printed 16 page 5x8" zine printed by Risolve Studio in Pennsylvania. Edition of 100 printed April 2020.