Excommunicado RPG Zine

Excommunicado RPG Zine

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"Once: a soul in pain faced with impossible problems and deficient solutions. Now: a criminal on the run, a defector escaping your former handlers who aspire to punish your transgressions and the foolish police who aspire to apprehend you.


You are an agent on the run from your former employers after allegedly committing an
unforgivable crime in their eyes. The police who have kept an eye on your organization
also see an opportunity to capture you as you continue to run. You must rely on clever tactics, intelligent investigation, and extreme violence to survive and avoid the varied
punishments coming your way.

EXCOMMUNICADO is a concise tabletop rpg for 1-2 players and 1 gamemaster. Inspired by media like John Wick and Max Payne. It is part of the What's So Cool About game jam.

Presented as an 8 page half-letter zine. Made possible by backers at patreon.com/worldchampgameco." - from World Champ Game Co