Aberrant Reflections - print + PDF
Aberrant Reflections - print + PDF

Aberrant Reflections - print + PDF

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At the bottom of an ancient temple,
beyond the mirror's edge,
lies the spot where reality was sundered.
Fortune and power await those who learn its secrets.
A fate worse than death is reserved for those who fail.
You’ve come to plunder the temple between worlds
and gaze into its ABERRANT REFLECTIONS.

Aberrant Reflections is a puzzle dungeon roleplaying adventure module for low level characters (1–4).

It's compatible with B/X, old school, and modern fantasy rules with minimal conversion.

You’ll find within its 44 digest-sized pages:

* Problems, puzzles, and combat that encourages player creativity and understanding of their environment.
* Stunning art from Jacob Fleming, Del Teigler, Luke Broderick and Kiril Tchangov.
* New and wondrous magic items and fearsome creatures to keep your players curious and excited!
* A "control panel” layout design that’s easy for game masters to reference and run on-the-fly.


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