Wandering Dreams

Wandering Dreams

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Wandering Dreams is an adventure RPG zine about exploring a Soulsborne and Lovecraft inspired world full of strange and unique locations, beings, and things that are waiting for discovery by the player. It is designed for solo play and uses custom rules for combat and encounters. Using a deck of standard playing cards and a 6 sided die (d6) the player sets off on a story telling experience into the world of the dream.

During your adventure you can observe, approach, fight, and run from the denizens of this world by your choice. Explore the world using the card pulls and dice for prompts as well as information on what you are dealing with. A journal is highly recommended to track where you have been, what you have seen, and how your character is doing.

The player explores the world using the zine, a deck of standard cards (jokers removed), their favourite d6 (6-sided die), a journal (or paper), plus a writing instrument (pen, pencil, quill and ink, etc.). The deck is separated into suits to represent different elements in the story that will be drawn as you progress. 

After drawing a card  the player will roll their D6 and find the card suit, value, and rolled result in the tables provided inside the zine. The zine provides alternative play styles for players who want to challenge themselves further with story writing and character development.

A total of 6 character archetypes will be included in the zine to start with templates for additional custom characters as the player sees fit.

Characters can be built in the game and transferred over to other game engines. Wandering Dreams can provide you a template for backstory creation and character development.

Combat is designed to use as few cards as possible and your trusty D6. The player always attacks first and can vanquish many small Beings of the world in one round to keep the story moving forward and remove the need for constant die rolls to get through an encounter.

Alternatively the Player can choose to Escape and avoid the fight all together if looking for more of a exploration style to play or if you encounter a Being that is far beyond your abilities or causes too much fear.

The game ends when the player chooses to awaken from the dream world by death, achieving their end purpose, or choosing to awaken from the dream.