A Man on the Road

A Man on the Road

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A rider looms on the road ahead. His tattered clothes and ravaged face competes for grotesquery with his mangy, tick-riddled horse. His hefty baggage bulges temptingly. Would you dare rob a man on the road?

This pamphlet adventure for Old-School Essentials answers the question: What if an apparently typical random encounter held far more in store than the party would ever dream of bargaining for. Contained here is a single, devilishly difficult to kill NPC with endless tricks up his sleeves, including:

  • False identities to lure the party into careless complacency.
  • Fighting styles and underhanded tactics to thwart any plan and keep the party on their toes.
  • Foul vulgarities unleashed by his fetid tongue, such as: Pestilent corpse fit only to satisfy a blind mule and blaspheming devil-humper.
  • Worthy and strange loot to reward the victorious.
  • And more.

Written by Ian Yusem
Layout & Design by David Wilkie
Illustration by L.F. OSR

Inspired by the excellent Troika pamphlet Wanted: Belladonna Mortsafe.
Thanks to Luke Gearing and Reece Carter for help with the vulgarities.