Aether Operations

Aether Operations

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A psychedelic adventure RPG in an art-forward unfolding format.

Aether Operations is a tabletop roleplaying game where players embody a Manipulator from one of the four Quantum Realms (Spirit, Brain, Bone, and Meat) in an attempt to thwart vicious Keepers and maintain balance.

Traverse the realms in a forever struggle of imbalance, defeating powerful warlords and cleansing corrupted artifacts. Brutal and dangerous, even the most routine beasts spew damnation at the mere presence of you: the Manipulators. The unique denizens of each realm aspire to purge you in whatever malicious possible ways available in an effort to gain more power and bring the imbalance of reality towards a coming doom.

Aether Operations is a unique self-contained tabletop RPG system. Leaning into the  unique art-heavy physicality of the zine, it is designed as both a streamlined, collaborative, and creative conflict-focused roleplaying game and an intense and special art object. 

AeOps is for 2-5 players including a gamemaster with optional rules for gm-less play. It is presented as a 5x7" zine that unfolds to huge 19x27" poster.