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All has come to ruin. The sun is dying and the world breaks apart. An age of broken heroes and dying monsters has come.

What is CYST?

CYST is a solo RPG about exploring a dying, fantastical world.  Although it's designed for solo play, CYST can be played with any number of players, with a GM if preferred!

What does CYST hold within?

  • An entire game system that can be played by any number of players; with or without a Games Master or Referee. 
  • 8 Character Backgrounds; evocative beings to help inspire your characters.
  • Places & Things; a set of tables for generating places and encounters for a fantastical, dying land.
  • Creatures & Cretins; a set of tables for generating beings and hooligans to populate your lands.
  • Heroes & Happenings; a set of tables for generating tales and legends for your land.

A6 size, 12 pages, full color.