i'm sorry did you say street magic

i'm sorry did you say street magic

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An archipelago-based fishing town, separated by its various islands, gathers annually to celebrate the turn of the harvest.

A collective of magical artists embarks on an ambitious project: a guerrilla public transit system powered by enchanted street art.

In a sprawling metropolis decades from now, breakthroughs in biotechnology offer citizens superpowers far beyond mortal ability.

This city that we call home has a magic all its own. It is wonder, and joy, and spirit — and with that spirit, we breathe life into our city together.

i'm sorry did you say street magic is a GMless city-building story game for two to six players.  Discover and imagine a city filled with life and vivid detail, packed with a myriad of neighborhoods, landmarks, and residents. Discover their true names, and the ways that they intersect—then set events in motion that will change or alter their relationships.

The illustrations in this game are from You Canʼt Get There From Here, a zine by Shannon Kao. Images used and edited with permission.

iʼm sorry did you say street magic was edited by Kai Gee, with sensitivity reading by Pidj Sorensen.

Layout by Caro Asercion, with additional layout consultation by Quinn Vega.

iʼm sorry did you say street magic was originally conceived as a hack of Microscope, by Ben Robbins.