our innermost thoughts a role playing game zine by Travis Hill.

Our Innermost Thoughts

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Our Innermost Thoughts is a small collection of five RPGs played mostly solitaire. They are experiences about how to find your passion and your voice despite the flaws you have, about how to reconcile the fact that humankind's reign on earth has brought destruction to nature, about how communicating with others who do not look or talk like you is difficult, about observing others intentionally can begin the process of self-reflecting on our means of wrongful judgments of others, and about the beauty of finding joy in the lives and stories of others. These experiences ask a lot of questions, forcing you to reflect on who you are, your background, your status, and possibly even some aspects that have been hidden up to now.

 32-page, A6-sized zine.

There are five small-form role-playing experiences inside of it. All games can be played with some combination of a few pieces of paper, a coin, some six-sided dice, and a deck of cards.

LOST NATURE is a solitaire game about finding and reuniting lost objects in the world with their homes. It is a game of self-reflection, communing with nature, and digging into humankind's distinct displacement of the earth.

FREQUENCY is a two-player game between an extraterrestrial trying to communicate with earth via a satellite operator. It is a game about communication, and the difficulty involved when two parties want to communicate, but can't due to language and ideology.

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS is a solitaire game about observing people in a crowded space. It is a game about false ideas and notions of others, and how we may begin to internally reconcile our own prejudices and judgments.

HOW TO START A FIRE is a solitaire game (that you could possibly play with others) about finding a subject you're passionate about, trying to persuade others of your opinion, and doing so all while trying to manage a flaw. It is a game about empowering yourself, finding your deficiencies, and learning how to work through them.

LETTERS FROM A BOOK BINDER is a solitaire journaling game about writing synopses of newfound books to a close friend. It is a game about the joys of exploring other people's stories, the beauty of literature, and how to best express those emotions.