They Cried Monster

They Cried Monster

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Slayer. Headsman. Hunter.

Bastard. Murderer. Monster.

You have been called many things-

Your kind are found in every corner of the land yet your numbers are so small, and dwindle with each passing year. Despite this, your kin tend to find one another, banding together and finding solace in the darker corners of the world.

But with each each hunt and every life lost, a question plagues your every thought:

"Are the monsters the one you hunt, or perhaps the ones you serve?"

They Cried Monster is a monster-hunting hack for the world’s most popular role-playing game.

Based on stories like Hellboy, The Witcher, or Mushishi, They Cried Monster tasks a group of world-weary Hunters to track monsters, solve mysteries, and face the ethical dilemma of protecting humanity or the monsters they have been hired to slay. Hunters must balance social standing with the settlements and locals, as well as being quick to action facing down the dangerous creatures that lurk in the wilderness.

They Cried Monster contains:

  • Steps for creating and playing as a grizzled Hunter, including character creation quirks and an on-the-fly inventory system.

  • A guide for generating settlements and NPC's beleaguered by monsters.

  • Social Systems for gathering information, placating superstitious locals, and trying to avoid a mob.

  • Adventure system based on tracking monsters and discovering clues as to why they are attacking.

  • Four unique and DANGEROUS monsters, each with habits, quirks, and reasons for attacking civilization.

A5 Staple-Bound Zine, 26 Pages, High-quality Print and Paper

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