Ritual: Folk Horror Roleplaying

Ritual: Folk Horror Roleplaying

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Summer is icumen in, Loudly sing Cuckoo! Grows the seed and blows the mead, And springs the wood anew.

Ritual is a tabletop roleplaying game for 3-6 players. Inspired heavily by The Wicker Man, Midsommar, Raph D’amico’s The Zone RPG, and Jason Cordova’s Brindlewood Bay.

Players switch between two roles, the Visitor(an outsider looking for someone or something in the last place they can think of) and the Host (a member of a devout closed society with ancient beliefs that often turn bloody).

Using included Ritual cards in conjunction with 2d6, players set scenes and interact with their fellow Visitors & Hosts in this beautiful remote scenery punctuated by abstract and intense Rituals. Over the course of the game, all but one Visitor will be lost in service to this faith.

Includes full-color rulebook zine and four die-cut pages of 16 custom playing cards including an x-card.