Season of the Moth

Season of the Moth

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The Hazy Sea lies in the less traveled waters of a vast and dangerous ocean. The air grows still and fog gathers densely; for this reason sailors know to keep their distance from this stretch of water.

But those brave, stupid, or knowledgeable who sail past the fog and deep into the heart of the sea will see lights in the distance.

The lights of the Beacon Island.

Season of the Moth is a TTRPG zine about the mysterious and whimsical Beacon Isle and its fantastical inhabitants.

Based on the likes of Breath of the Wild, Eastshade, and The Hobbit, Season of the Moth is both a gentle and strange setting to drop into your world for exploration, as well as a toolbox of new spells and player options to dig into as you see fit.

Be warned, not all is well on the Beacon Isles, and there is danger both large and small lurking beneath the surface if the players so choose to involve themselves...

The Moth Queen

Within this zine you will get:

  • 20~ pages of content, system neutral for use in most of your favorite TTRPGs

  • A whimsical setting filled with the gentle Mothkin to interact with (or play as) along with their culture and fae queen.

  • 5 monsters that plague their island, including the dreaded Lepidoptilich and their stages of growth.

  • The Noble order of The Moth Knights with their deadly dances as a playable class.

  • Magic items, spells, and NPCs to fight or befriend!

    Illustrated by Michele Henry and layout by Charlie Ferguson-Avery of Feral Indie Studio.

    A5 Staple-bound zine, 26 pages, high-quality print.