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The world is dying, and from its corpse spill vyrmin-

Vyrmhack is a small-scale wargame with role-playing elements. Players take on the role of a single or band of characters who explore, fight, and survive in a dark fantastical land. It is meant to be compatible with most old-school game modules and  wargame-style scenarios.

What’s Inside

  • Light Rules for Ease of Play: Simple to learn and teach, can be played over a lunch-break or an evening game night.

  • Vyrminous Characters: From a mutated Decrepit Magus to a Noble Duelist fused to their armor. 

  • Cooperation or Competition: Play together as a typical adventuring party or build a warband and square-off against your friends.

  • Adventure and Scenario Compatible: Meant to be played with your favorite TTRPG modules or Wargame Scenario booklets.

  • Monsters, Magic and More: Explore and survive a Vyrminous world with despotic lords, primal sorceries and fell gods.

Written & illustrated by Charles Ferguson-Avery.
Design by Charles Ferguson-Avery.

A5 Staple-Bound Zine, 20 pages, risograph cover, high-quality print and paper.

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