A Fistful of Spore Pods

A Fistful of Spore Pods

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A brochure adventure for Mothership RPG.

The gold rush is over. The spore pods of Hayden V, swelling in the magenta light of a dwarf star, are prized across the galaxy as hallucinogenic cosmetics for the rich. Unfortunately that same star is going to send a life-scouring solar flare over and through the forest moon in 24 hours. The rock’s been picked over, but there’s rumors of one last great pod bloom, one a prospector team could retire on. Only the desperate would try. But there’s more than enough desperation to go around in the ‘verse.

You’ve got a tip: the location of the Motherlode, a spore field of great richness. You rode a malfunctioning drop pod down to the surface. You have 24 hours to get down valley to the last Haruthers ship and off the moon as the star is going to emit a powerful solar flare, scouring all life from the planetoid. You can only carry so many pods with you.

Writing by Joel Hines
Editing by Christian Sorrell
Graphic Design by Meredith Silver