Chromatic Transference

Chromatic Transference

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The top secret Ukweli-4 research facility was built to study a strange meteorite, inside of which is a color never before seen by human eyes. Due to an accident, the original researchers have long since died, leaving the facility an empty tomb.

Chromatic Transference is the fourth Mothership pamphlet module and includes:
  • A fully playable, ready-to-run one shot to drop in to any sci-fi RPG campaign

  • A spooky crawl through an abandoned laboratory.

  • A map key and player handouts to make running this an absolute breeze.

This adventure is suitable for characters of any level in a survival horror setting and is sure to pose a challenge to even the most battle hardened party.

Written by Reece Carter with layout by Sean McCoy and editing by Jarrett Crader.