Crush Depth

Crush Depth

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In Crush Depth, play as prison guards, criminals, or transporters collecting a bounty. Escape from the collapsing supermax prison of Crush Mare, located deep below Titan’s methane sea.

Following a natural disaster, life support is in ruins, liquid methane pours through dozens of cracks, fires have erupted across the prison, the prisoners are rioting, and surface communication is gone. The only escape sub is locked behind a biometric key, and the only guard with access to it hasn’t been seen since the quake.

Guards and prisoners race against time and each other to find the missing guard and escape. But in just two hours, the entire facility will implode under the pressure of Titan’s methane sea, killing everyone inside...

Technical Details

80lb text - satin. Full color. 8.5” x 11” landscape tri-fold brochure.