Dungeon Goons
Dungeon Goons

Dungeon Goons

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A complete fantasy old-school table-top RPG experience in a single pack!

Included in the Dungeon Goons Adventure Set:
-Dungeon Goons Rules Zine
-4 Character Sheets
-An adventure: Shrine of the Scorpion Lords
-Interactive puzzle cutout for players to solve with the adventure
-2 tiny 6-sided dice(all that the game requires!)

Contents Information:
Dungeon Goons is a classic fantasy hack of Nate Treme's Tunnel Goons. It takes inspiration from other systems like D&D Basic/Expert, World of Dungeons, The Black Hack, and mashes it together for a more crunchy, but still fairly rules lite, system.

Shrine of the Scorpion Lords:
The desert outpost Fort Drywater is in need of help to stop the menace of the dreaded Scorpion Lords—an evil group of half-men half-scorpion marauders bent on ridding the desert of outsiders. Drywater, a rough and tumble oasis in the desert wastes, has only recently begun to bring in steady supplies to this remote edge of civilization. Now the Scorpion Lords, as they are known, have started attacking the incoming supply caravans leaving no survivors. It’s only a matter of time before they turn on Drywater to finish them off...

This is a short adventure (about 1 or 2 sessions depending on how the players tackle the challenges) designed to be used with Dungeon Goons but could be converted to your system of choice with a bit of prep. It's got a small starting town, Fort Drywater, a little hexcrawl on the Desert Wastes, and a keyed dungeon filled with loot and danger.