Dunsany 2: After the Fire

Dunsany 2: After the Fire

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A comic zine adapting Lord Dunsany's "After the Fire" from Fifty-One Tales (1915). It is a relatively short work, and the zine is a total of 8 pages.

Edward Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany wrote many fantasy tales under the name Lord Dunsany, and may be the first weird fiction author to write with what still seems a contemporary sensibility.

There is a weird psychedelic vibe to "After the Fire" that is brought to the fore through Todd Jakubisin's artwork and well complimented with the bright colors of a riso print. Beckett Warren offers some sideways explanation and context in this psych vein.

Risograph printed - four colors. Limited printing of about 100 copies, of which we are stocking a small handful.