External Containment Bureau - ECB

External Containment Bureau - ECB

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External Containment Bureau - ECB

An rpg zine of paranormal investigation and weird bureaucracy

For 2-6 players over 2-4 hours

External Containment Bureau is a game of paranormal investigation and bureaucracy using a lightweight, hackable version of the Forged in the Dark design framework. You play as trained agents of the External Containment Bureau, an organization tasked with the study, identification, and containment of paranormal phenomena. The Bureau authorizes agents to make use of these phenomena to give yourself incredible powers (so long as the proper forms are in order). But take care: using paranormal energies inches you ever closer to joining the ranks of the paranormal yourself. Will you transcend humanity in the line of duty? Play to find out.

If you enjoy media like Control, Fringe, The Magnus Archives, Men in Black, SCP Foundation, or X-Files... you'll love External Containment Bureau!

  • Written by Eric Brunsell and Michael Elliott
  • Edited by Lexi Antoku
  • Art Direction by Justin Ford
  • Art by Julianne Griepp
  • Production and Layout by Eli Kurtz

52 pages, A5 zine, color cover, b&w interior, staple-bound zine. PDF included.