A woman smokes a cigarette while looking back over her shoulder suspiciously, she has a camera draped over her shoulder. There is a swirl descending behind her as the background. The bottom of the cover states, Where Fiction Becomes Fact Fimbria


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The City's #7 most unpopular occult magazine, Fímbria, is currently hiring new Investigators!

No experience required!

No benefits!

Relatively safe!

Explore the City!

Study the Mist!

Objects do not have eyeseyeseyeseyeseyeseyeseyeseyeseyeseyeseyeseyes

Free coffee (most days)!

Join today!

Fímbria, where fiction becomes fact.

A brand new weird investigative TTRPG that includes:

- A "lost 90's" implied setting.

- 36 failed vocations to build your character.

- Easy to learn system that only uses six sided dice. No math required.

- As you see the horrors and weirdness of the City, your nightmares slowly come alive!

- A starting investigation "Indaiá Theater".