Cover of Free Willy supplement zine for ALT NYC 88 table top role playing game. There is a person with long heair on a motorbike with a gun strapped to their back.
Back cover of Free Willy supplement for ALT NYC 88 table top roleplaying game. Features a brief description of the adventure inside.

Free Willy - supplement for ALTNYC88

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A two colour, 16 page risograph zine packed with mysteries and intrigues regarding the late Dr. Zeke, set in the underworld of ALTNYC88!

Three nights ago Willy "went up" to street level to make a purchase. He had convinced the gang leader to lend him money for this. When he came back he was very proud of his new Casio digital wristwatch. Gang members are speculating though - a watch is hardly that expensive and definitely not worth the risk of "going above ground". What did Willy really buy up on the street that night? Well, now he's missing! He went out yesterday and hasn't been seen since.