Fruit of Law
Fruit of Law

Fruit of Law

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Fruit of Law is inspired by the Jewish folk tale that all pomegranates have 613 seeds which represent the 613 commandments in the Torah. The game explores what it means to write the text that will establish the moral fiber of future society. The players take on the roles of elders working with and against each other to set down rules for future generations. The central mechanic involves a physical pomegranate that is consumed during play.

Fruit of Law is designed for 4-10 players and can be played start to finish in about an hour. The rules are loose and encourage cooperative storytelling with the players pushing each other in new and exciting directions.

Fruit of Law is formatted as an eight-page zine folded out of a single sheet of US letter paper with a lovely hand-carved print of a pomegranate by Kit Collins on the cover. 

Also included is a second eight-page supplement zine.

Grab yourself a pomegranate and enjoy!