In Extremis

In Extremis

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In Extremis is a tabletop roleplaying game designed for 2-6 players, about fighting back the man using necromancy, that uses the LUMEN system by Spencer Campbell. Inspired by The Locked Tomb trilogy, players take on the role of exceptionally powerful witches who use their mastery of life, death, and the human condition to keep them and their own safe from other planetary invaders who want to steal their land.

As a Necromancer, you are one of a handful of hideously powerful death witches that protect the planet Hecate, the final holdout for The Coven, from the ever encroaching war of the Corvus Dominion. 

Content Warnings

The book contains a fair deal of body horror, talk of death, a photo of a snake, and depictions of warfare. Nothing you wouldn't expect from a game about necromancy and war, but be aware going in that those are all in there!