Kitchen Knightmares
Kitchen Knightmares limited edition placemat - looks like a diner plkace mat with a menu, the rules text and kids' games like connect the dots

Kitchen Knightmares

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Kitchen Knightmares is a discord-based LARP in the vein of hidden-role games and mysteries. Based on the ground-breaking hit from Will Jobst and Adam Vass; This Discord Has Ghosts In It, players gather on a Discord server, assign roles, and engage in some light-hearted and very chaotic roleplay as they take on the persona of their characters.

In Kitchen Knightmares, the characters are:

  • A Medieval knight sent forward in time to the wild year of 1999

  • The Wizard who sent them here; at the diner tonight to soak up victory

  • The Diners, regular 90s college kids here to have a good time and cause trouble

Kitchen Knightmares is light, chaotic, and incredibly fun. It's a rules-light game that makes a fantastic first-time roleplaying experience. Because it's all on Discord and has no dice, setup is quick, easy, and anyone can do it!

PLUS - we have 10 limited edition placemats, printed for floating chair club!! - choose the bundle option with the placemat for some extra fun!

Each physical book will include a code by email for a digital PDF version.