Night Reign RPG Zine
Night Reign RPG Zine

Night Reign RPG Zine

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"Night Reign is a roleplaying game of stealth, guile, violence and devilry for a GM and one or more players, set in a quasi-Edwardian metropolis perched on an inhospital peninsula beset by toxic black rain and ruled by a corrupt cabal of Noble Houses.

You take the role of members of The Red Right Hand, a conspiracy loyal to the recently deposed royal family, using your talents in assassination, infiltration and dark sorcery to strike out at your oppressors.

Using an innovative blackjack based rules system, Night Reign brings the tension and excitement of stealth videogames to the tabletop. You can download the base Ruled by Night rules system for free at" - from the itch page

Designed by the creator of Quietus which I also recommend.

A5 size, 48 pages.