Night Yeast Issue #2
Night Yeast Issue #2
Night Yeast Issue #2

Night Yeast Issue #2

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Night Yeast Issue #2 is here!! 

"Night Yeast was created by some people from the Swedish OSR-scene. The aim was to produce a premium (read: Super deluxe-ish) fanzine packed with weird and inspiring adventures, tables and everything in between!"

Full of oozey goodness! Featuring:

GEL-OOZE [encounter] - Found in places of no worth.
BLUE FOG [adventure]- A quick and easy repair mission.
ROSA THE INCULATOR [encounter] - Vendor, NPC, Quest giver!

BLOCK [npc]- Finally, a vendor one can trust!
THE HEXCRAWLER APPROACHETH [adventure]- A hex, in a hex, and it crawls.
GUMGEON [dungeon] - Keep it clean!
A POLEARM TO PLUNGE INTO SOMEONE ROTTEN [weapons] - 6 pointy weapons to hurl at your players!
ATTACK ON THE AMARANTH TEMPLE [adventure] - Stop the horrible Sluzzards from reaching the holy temple!
RITUAL OF SUMMONING HAXARTHUGUL, LORD OF OOZE [ritual] - The ritual that you've always wanted.
LAIR OF THE PINK-SHELLED TORTOISE [adventure] - Beware of the dragon, precious folks!
SIX SLIMEY ADVENTURES FOUND BY THE ROAD SIDE [table] - 6 hooks for the road side.
AN AGELESS, WOODLESS PLACE [micro setting] - A valley lost to time and megalizards.
MEDITATION IS THE MEDIATOR OF DEATH [rpg, adventure] - Stop Usan on planet Voi X.