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Return to Sender

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Features four games:

  • We Are Worms - a game for a group of minions sabotaging a hero's journey for at least 2 players and a GM. FFO: D*sney's Hercules. Illustrated by Flint Bedser/TechnoBabbl.

  • Protectors - an rpg using the forces of nature to deter would-be colonizers from a pristine island for up to 4 players and a GM. FFO: Spirit Island. Illustrated by Christian Arnder.

  • Parasite - an rpg of a tense symbiotic relationship between a host and their parasite for two players and a GM. FFO: Venom, Upgrade, and similar media. Illustrated by Cassie Hart Kelly.

  • Far from the Tree- a game of familial drama when dynamic children and their less than perfect parents are stuck under the same roof for three+ players and a GM. FFO: Wes Anderson movies. Illustrated by Zac Gorman.