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RISE: A Game of Spreading Evil is the evil sister of DELVE: A Solo Map Drawing Game.

RISE: A Game of Spreading Evil is a map drawing game that puts you in control of a monstrous dungeon as you seek to reach the surface and take over their puny kingdoms. As long as you can keep your mutinous minions under control that is.

This 41 page zine has everything you need to generate natural formations, forgotten ruins, enemies, magics, artefacts, and heroes. It has a simple turn-based combat system, rules for building your dungeon and optional challenges for a harder experience.

Inspired by games like Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, RISE aims to capture that feeling of building and ruling a dungeon, dealing with mutinous minions, and proving that you are the One True Evil.

All you need to play is, a pencil, paper (preferably 1" grid), and a deck of playing cards.