Scratch & Claw RPG Cards

Scratch & Claw RPG Cards

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cw: references to use of recreational drugs & drinking

Scratch & Claw is a rules-lite tabletop roleplaying game in the spirit of Battletoads, Biker Mice From Mars, Street Sharks, and other extreme 90's action animal cartoons. Play as mutated animals in a post-human wasteland, navigating between rival gang territories, human ruins, and rockin parties on your radical journey.

Characters are randomly generated and hidden underneath a scratch-off area (like those found on lottery tickets). All of your character's options (not just cosmetics!) are generated randomly from variable data with dozens of options in each category. Your animal type, skill list, items, consumables, goals, and fears are all procedurally generated, making for a gonzo game that gets wilder with each additional card! the simple core rules are printed in black & white on the back of each card.

Each 4x6" scratch-off card is unique with over a quintillion possible combinations. 

This is for a set of 5 scratch off cards.

 a pdf of a hexcrawl with 36 random encounters is free at