Sleeping Above a Stolen Crown
Sleeping Above a Stolen Crown

Sleeping Above a Stolen Crown

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Stolen Crown is a three part adventure for Lancer RPG set on the frozen wastes of the planet Sparr. 

Set in the far future, you follow a group of Lancers, skilled mecha pilots finding their way in a post-scarcity universe, as they uncover hidden secrets on a frozen planet, and grapple with the remnants of the planet's bloody history. 

The module is written to take your group from LL0-LL2, and is designed to be friendly for new GMS finding their feet. 

Go to the launch website for resources including battlemaps, comp/con files, and plain text options. 

Welcome to Sparr. The people here are a proud part of the Union; their bloody history of clan violence is only a footnote in sagas of glory and prosperity. Sparr’s technoshamans, magicians of circuitry and and engineering, are unparalleled in their technical knowledge. But Sparr has a secret. A murdered god, long frozen in the ice, awakens. An ancient injury demands to be avenged. 

What will you do?

The adventure includes:

  • Three chapters packed with intense plotlines and engaging encounters
  • A guide to Sparr's unique, viking-inspired culture, and a new background, technoshaman.
  • A custom NPC template, the Servant of Ynneval-Returned, to make Sparr's creatures feel new and unique.
  • Two new mech frames, the Loki and Orohena which can be used from LL0 onwards
  • Three custom battlemaps for the major encounters in each arc
  • A far future alphabet for players who enjoy puzzles and codebreaking

Enjoy playing!